Indeed in today’s hectic daily regime, people find themselves trapped in a quagmire of stress, tension, temporary physical or mental impairment, blackouts and various other psychic ropes binding them. As a result, mankind has fallen prey to various lifestyle disorders like diabetes, hypertension and asthma to name a few. We are witnessing multiple thoughts during an action. As a result, there is dichotomy between our thoughts and actions culminating in impaired performance. 

The practice of yoga helps a person realize his potential and take steps in order to enhance it. Yoga advocates a lifestyle balanced in all proportions which helps one attain wellness. 

Yoga as a career, is being readily taken up by people from various walks of life. Be it youth, or people young at heart, many have and are coming up in the blissful and pious profession of yoga. 
YCB, as a supervising body to maintain the quality and standards of Yoga Professionals, globally. 
Heartcare foundation of India serves a PrCB, responsible for conducting Exams, for various proficiencies of yoga professionals. It also serves as a premier body for propagation of yoga, conducting Yoga Volunteer Certification programme, under YCB guidelines. 
HCFI aims to deliver the best quality examination and training services to its associates and students. 
— Management, HCFI (PrCB Operations)